Can Learning to Speak Be This Easy Too? Yes! It absolutely can be.

So how’d it go? Easy right? So you see that learning to read the Russian alphabet is really no big deal. It just comes down to the techniques you use.

If you are interested in learning to speak Russian just as easily, using the principle of Contextual Learning for words, Pattern Recognition for quickly mastering grammar, and S.L.T. so you can think in Russian, then click the link below to try Russian Accelerator. Russian Accelerator is the only Learn Russian program that uses these powerful techniques in combination to make learning Russian stress-free, fast, and yes... even fun.

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Reading Videos 4 - 6

Modern Methods For Mastering Russian

Russian Accelerator members talk about their impression of the course.

“Amazing Course!”

It’s an amazing course and I’m just so blessed that I’ve come across this.

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Andrew Spurling Australia


What it’s designed to do is to get you conversational which I feel like I am right now...

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Lyndsay S. (Student) Beloit, Ohio, USA

“Very Effective!”

I’m learning a great deal, and I really enjoy the teaching method. It’s very effective.

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W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ

“It Was Awesome!”

study Russian every day! We took a trip to St. Petersburg this weekend. It was awesome.

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Bill Coon Haddonfield, NJ