Can Learning to Speak Russian Really Be That Easy? Yes! It absolutely can be.

It just comes down to the techniques you use.

If you are interested in learning to speak Russian using the principles of Contextual Learning for words, Pattern Recognition for quickly mastering grammar, S.L.T. so you can think in Russian, along with other powerful Efficient Learning techniques then click the link below to try Russian Accelerator.

Russian Accelerator is the only Learn Russian program that uses these powerful techniques in combination to make learning Russian stress free, fast, and yes... even fun.

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Modern Methods For Mastering Russian

Russian Accelerator members talk about their impression of the course.

“Highly Recommend”

I hightly recommend Russian Accelerator! It’s an excellent course if you really want to learn the language.

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Peter White Tuscon, AZ

“Thanks Again...”

The Russian I’d learned was enough to get me around and keep us fed and watered. Thanks again...

Image Description
Jean Coulter Ireland


Russian Accelerator is the most awesome course and I would recommend it to

Image Description
Jonny Reid Aberdeen, UK

“It’s Amazing!”

Increasing my vocabulary every day. It’s amazing! This coming from a teacher as well. Thank you so much for the course!

Image Description
Bill Coon Haddonfield, NJ

“Amazing Course!”

It’s an amazing course and I’m just so blessed that I’ve come across this.

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Andrew Spurling Australia


What it’s designed to do is to get you conversational which I feel like I am right now...

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Lyndsay S. (Student) Beloit, Ohio, USA

“Very Effective!”

I’m learning a great deal, and I really enjoy the teaching method. It’s very effective.

Image Description
W. Jackson Phoenix, AZ

“It Was Awesome!”

study Russian every day! We took a trip to St. Petersburg this weekend. It was awesome.

Image Description
Craig Pauley Lincolnshire, England

“This Course is Really Briliant...”

I think the course is really brilliant as it seems to make the seemingly impossible reachable.

Image Description
David Blick New Zealand - Textile Repair

“It’s an Excellent Course...”

It’s an excellent course and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Image Description
Lesley Sellars Melbourne - Retired

“Fun and Easy...”

Learning Russian with Russian Accelerator is FUN and EASY. I’ve never had so much fun learning in all my life.

Image Description
John Heid Brussels, Belgium

“Excellent and Very Encouraging...”

I love Mark’s easy style and I like the way it is based more on listening and speaking than on reading.

Image Description
Richard Pilley UK - Dental Surgeon

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Modern Methods For Mastering Russian

Russian Accelerator members talk about their impression of the course.

“Russian Colleagues Impressed!”

I got to practice on two Russian work colleagues... To say they were impressed is an understatement.

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Shaun Skykes London, UK

“Having Conversations!”

In just nine weeks I was able to have a phone conversation with my friend in the Ukraine.

Image Description
Jim Dugan Beloit, Ohio, USA

“Love The Course”

I really love the course, so well-organized, interesting and lively.

Image Description
Sophie Masson Australia - Author

“Thank You”

The nice thing with the Russian Accelerator Method is that we can progress at our own speed with no outside stress.

Image Description
Jim Ammom

“So Effective!”

I haven’t felt so energized about something new in a long tme. This is an excellent program.

Image Description
Dr. Robert White Alberta, Canada

“Very Powerful Ways to Learn...”

IThe Power Phrases, contextual learning and Super Literal Translation are very powerful ways to learn and remember.

Image Description
Wes Jackson


Mark I wanted to tell you, you are a genius!!!

Image Description
Patrick Ketchum Virginia Beach

“Made It Easy...”

Trust me, all of your customers sincerely appreciate how easy you have made it to learn the Russian language.

Image Description
Brad Batstone Annapolis, Maryland

“I’m Blown Away...”

I’m blown away by how you are teaching use of the words and sentences.

Image Description
Gary Davidovitz Tuscon, AZ

“A Huge Thank You!”

I find myself replying to waitresses in Russian without realizing it. It has been very enjoyable.

Image Description
Randy Mauldin North Carolina, USA

“The Ultimate Russian Course”

This is the ultimate Russian learning course, and you are the best teacher I have ever encountered.

Image Description
Tim Thompson Australia

“Success Story!”

If you ever want to use me as a success story I would be proud to. Thank you for your help.

Image Description
Mark Jacobs Missouri, USA

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