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Video: Controlled Immersion

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Efficient Learning Technique #5 - Controlled Immersion

Learn to Read Russian in Three Hours

Welcome to Russian Alphabet Mastery (3 Hour Cyrillic).

This series of videos will teach you to read the Russian Cyrillic Alphabet in just a few hours. Some people find Cyrillic intimidating, but if you approach learning to read the Russian alphabet the right way, it can actually be quite simple (and dare I say fun?).

Start with the first video below, and you will see just how easy learning to read Russian can be.

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Modern Methods For Mastering Russian

Russian Accelerator members talk about their impression of the course.

“Highly Recommend”

I hightly recommend Russian Accelerator! It’s an excellent course if you really want to learn the language.

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Peter White Tuscon, AZ

“Thanks Again...”

The Russian I’d learned was enough to get me around and keep us fed and watered. Thanks again...

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Jean Coulter Ireland


Russian Accelerator is the most awesome course and I would recommend it to

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Jonny Reid Aberdeen, UK

“It’s Amazing!”

Increasing my vocabulary every day. It’s amazing! This coming from a teacher as well. Thank you so much for the course!

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Bill Coon Haddonfield, NJ
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