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Real people learning real Russian language. Watch Russian Accelerator students speak Russian.

Watch interviews with students who are currently learning Russian in the Russian Accelerator Online Course, (some of whom came to the latest Live Workshop in Sevastopol Ukraine.)


"I highly recommend Russian Accelerator!
It's an excellent course if you really want to learn the language".


"Russian Accelerator is the most awesome course and I would recommend it to anyone!"


"It's pretty amazing to see how fast you can learn the language."


"I would definitely recommend Russian Accelerator to other people because I'm a person who has had difficulty learning languages. "


"I would recommend Russian Accelerator to absolutely anybody!"


"I'm just so blessed that I've come across this. That's for sure."

(Clips from our interview with Andrew)

"With contextual learning it has made the understanding and the grasp of learning another language possible as apposed to what I thought may be, or may have been impossible...It's an amazing course and it"s a...I'm just so blessed that I've come across this. That's for sure...До свидания! Till next time."

Andrew Spurling - Australia


"I feel like I could travel to Russia right now and communicate fairly well."

(Clips from our interview with Lyndsay)

"I feel like I could travel to Russia right now and communicate fairly well. I look forward to learning more words in the future but, what the Russian Accelerator I think is designed to do is to get you conversational which I feel like I am right now..."

Listen to the rest of our interview with Lyndsay

Lyndsay S. ( Student )


"I'm speaking in Russian with complete confidence."

(Clips from our interview with Abbott)

"I signed up for Russian Accelerator a few months back, and now I'm speaking in Russian with complete confidence. What's the best part? I'd have to say contextual learning, just because of the way it makes things come naturally."

Abbot Miller ( Sound Engineer ) - Phoenix, AZ


"It is Terrific!"

"I've done the first five lessons and all the bonus materials and everything else on the site. It is TERRIFIC!!" I loved the articles on "cases." I think I now know how they fit together.

James R. Buell Jr. ( Peace Corps Volunteer ) - New Jersey


"I wish I had found this course before I spent $900 on both P. and R.S."

"All in all, you did a great job in the design of this course! I wish I had found this course before I spent $900 on both "P" and "R.S. "P." is pretty good, but I have some major reservations with "R. S." Your course beats the hell out of both of them. Another thing that I like about your course is that it's very 'laid back' with some humor mixed into it. This keeps the course entertaining, and of course, motivating. I wish you the best of luck though. Anyway, I'm a pilot that needs to learn some Russian, so I'll be handing over my recommendation of Russian Accelerator to my pilot friends. Best of luck and GOOD JOB!!! "

Brian Kwiatkowski ( Pilot ) - New Jersey


"Your techniques are amazingly effective."

"First I want to thank you for making this course available. I've been intimidated by learning Russian for quite some time, even though my boss is Russian and I have ample opportunity to practice daily. I recently began corresponding with a woman in Lugansk and decided I better start learning quickly.

Hands down, I didn't think I would progress as quickly as I have, and I knew I was making great progress when my boss raised her eyebrows today when I was speaking Russian with her. Most impressive, I've only studied Unit 1! While I well know I have a long journey ahead, I don't fear the pain I would have otherwise felt. Your techniques are amazingly effective.

Feel free to quote me on that."


Bill White - Dallas, TX


"I've really learned a lot in a very short period of time."

"Someone can not learn this much from a conventional course. The lessons go very easily for me, without having to push myself. I really think this works best. I can learn whenever I want and I can continue to learn even while I am driving. Also I should say that your technic for remembering words is great. I've really learned a lot in a very short period of time."


Murat Unal - Istanbul, Turkey


"Your course is helping me with that dream!"

"I am loving it. There is a woman in the Ukraine that I am falling madly in love with and want to speak fluent Russian for her. I want to surprise her. Your course is helping me with that dream! I have only been using it for five days and I can now read Russian, speak a few sentences, and enjoy the language. I think that your product is very easy to use and very enjoyable.

Thank you to Russian Accelerator and Mark."

Louis Weyrich ( Singer-Songwriter )