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"I've done the first five lessons and all the bonus materials and everything else on the site. It is TERRIFIC!!"

James R. Buell Jr.
(Peace Corps Volunteer)


"What the Russian Accelerator, I think, is designed to do is to get you conversational, which I feel like I am right now..."

Lyndsay S.


"Your techniques are amazingly effective."

Bill White
(Dallas, TX)


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Secret #6 - S.L.T. - The Key to Fluency in Russian

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The adult educational system in the U.S. and abroad is undergoing a slow, steady paradigm shift. With ever busier lives and shrinking budgets, more and more people are turning away from the costly classroom training that colleges provide, in search of flexible, affordable online education

. Founded in 2008, Russian Accelerator is at the forefront of this movement, and has become the leader in online Russian language training.

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Designed for total beginners, Russian Accelerator uses engaging video presentations to teach the Russian language in small, easily mastered sections. New vocabulary is absorbed effortlessly via our contextual learning techniques, and long-term recall is aided with the use of Power Phrases, flashcard integration, vocabulary practice sessions....and plenty of quizzes.

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How it


Delivered entirely online in a password protected members area, Russian Accelerator is comprised of 90 lessons, in 18 Units. Each lesson teaches you with the use of multiple videos and audios, and each Unit builds on the previous material. Expect to spend approximately thirty minutes in each lesson, and between six months to a year mastering the entire course. (Members, of course, have lifetime access, and can go at any speed that suits them.)

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Check out videos and audios where you can see and hear for yourself the amazing impact we've had on their Russian language ability.